Friday, August 03, 2012

Vacation Part 1

We're in Utah on vacation right now, so we've been having lots of adventures! (Don't worry, Evil Internets: the lonely husband is home alone for this trip so our house is protected!)

We started at the husband's family's house in Ogden with Grandma and Grandpa. While there, we had water fun with some cousins in the huge backyard, got to enjoy all the cousins and aunts and uncles and great uncle and great grandmother assembled for a fun, energetic family party, went shopping for cheap toys, swam at a huge aquatic center, and, best of all, visited fascinating, fabulous, prehistoric Dinosaur Park! This was easily the highlight of our trip so far; it's a sprawling warren of paths that wind through life size models of dinosaurs, including a few animatronic dinosaurs, a T-Rex, a Triceratops, and two little baby Triceratops. The complex also had an education center with toys and coloring pages, a playground, an indoor museum with fossils and rocks, ducks to feed, a snack stand, and a gift shop. The boys were in heaven! They LOVED the dinos, especially the sound effects and the moving machines. They were convinced the dinos were real but weren't scared at all. Grandma was a good sport and humored their haphazard approach to seeing the park. It was a very hot day, as all of them have been so far, but we got there early and left by lunch before tempers and the weather got too hot to handle!

Our aquatic center visit was also a huge success. This complex had a huge zero-depth pool with a giant squirters/slide complex, a smaller, shallow baby pool, a circular river with a simulated current, high and low dives in yet another pool, a several story tall water slide, AND a splash pad. The boys loved it all. I manged to forget to bring towels for them but made do with some receiving blankets I found in Grandma's car and, since it was so hot, that was all we needed. Since this place is just down the street from Grandma's house, we will definitely be visiting again!

The boys have also loved getting reacquainted with their cousins. They are the youngest, though there is one little cousin who is also four like J. Toddler E has taken to wandering around asking everyone "What your name?", including me and his brother. I think he just wants to be sure!

Next stop: Provo with Grandeur and Grandest! And pictures!

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