Friday, January 04, 2013

Happy Halloween...ish!

One way to blog more regularly is to catch up on all the past events I've ignored! So, here's a taste of Halloween! I made the boys' costumes, which is always an exercise in creativity, given my limited artistic and technical skills. J wanted to be a dragon and Toddler E wanted to be an owl:

Here they are growling like a dragon and, as Toddler E said fiercely, "I'm hoo-ing my hoo!!" He was a most ferocious owl!

The husband and I went as bandits. It was simple but fun!

We were in costumes for days, it seemed, with J's class party, the ward party, and then trick-or-treating. Halloween was actually postponed here because of the effects of Sandy and her winds and rain, but we went out on the actual day anyway because the alternative was waiting until Sunday (no go!) or skipping our trip to DC (also no go). Our friend called a few of her neighbors and asked if we could come trick or treat at their houses so we went with her two small children and hit 4 or 5 houses and it was exactly enough for our merry little band of tykes. I knew we had made the right decision when Toddler E said after two houses in the rain and very cold "Trick or treating is LONG!"

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Betsy (Eco-novice) said...

you are so crafty! I love those costumes. Wish I lived close enough to borrow them for next year.