Wednesday, January 09, 2013

Snow day(s)

Snow is tenacious.

It snowed here around Christmas and then kept snowing for a week or so and then the temperatures didn't get above freezing until just recently and there was no sun to be seen and the snow has just stayed and stayed. And now, today, finally, the sun is out and the temperature is up into the 40s and it rained this morning and the snow should be melting, right? RIGHT??

But no. I mean, it is melting, a little, in some places, but in others it's hanging on with little change and it's kind of shocking to me. I realize I don't know a lot about snow. Living in South Carolina and then Hawaii and then California and then Guatemala and then Delaware (it's really very temperate there) and then South Carolina again with only brief stops in Kansas and Pennsylvania has left me with very little snow experience. So I still regard it with a kind of confused awe. How does it stay around for so long? How much longer will it stay? When will it come again? How can the forecast promise 60 degree weather on Saturday and then snow again next week??

BUT, I will say, snow can be fun. I never thought those words would ever come out of my mouth except under duress, but then I had kids and moved to the bleak midwinter...I mean, to the Midwest, and then it snowed and we went sledding. And it was hilarious! And the boys loved it, toppling off into the icy snow or slamming into protective tires notwithstanding! Take a look:

Here they all are after much sledding, happy as can be. And yes, I made them wear their bicycle helmets. Since they both dumped off their sleds head first several times, I felt justified in the precaution, and they didn't mind at all. One's helmet is a dinosaur and one's a shark, for heaven's sake. They're cool!

And now, some video. Apologies for the shaky camera work and my annoying voice and unhelpful commentaries!

Here's J on his third ride on the smaller of the two hills we visited:

Here's the husband and Toddler E on their first run...which didn't end so well!

And here's everyone all together on a ride down the biggest hill.

See, fun. Go figure??


Betsy (Eco-novice) said...

Having grown up in UT, I will say that snow is fun when you are a kid, and not so fun when you have to shovel out your car and scrape off the windshield at 6 am. I don't miss it, except maybe a tiny bit at Christmas and all the books talk about snow, but I do want my kids to get to experience it.

Janelle said...

Right now I use the excuse of Baby R not being able to be outside for a long time to my advantage. I milk it for all it's worth. I don't know what I'll do next winter.