Thursday, November 01, 2007

Howl at the moon like that

Happy All Saints Day, though we don't acknowledge any such holiday, including Halloween, but that doesn't stop us from celebrating along with the rest of our neighbors, as I did last night. I went to a Halloween dinner with some family friends of ours who have kids of various ages and then to a party given by some other young friends for young couples. At both celebrations I was a tad out of place, having no children at the first dinner and flying solo (the husband was working) and not in costume at the second (who knew it was a costume party? Who knew each couple would have a theme? Who knew they would dress their one year old kids to match their theme?). My biggest concession to costuming was bringing an orange purse.

Regardless, it was fun night on which I did not have to deal with any trick-or-treaters (hurray!) and got to eat lots of Halloween treats I didn't have to make (hurrah!). I've always enjoyed Halloween, though I have at last begun to grow out of my fascination with all the candy (my dentist is happy, I'm sure). But really I have also felt that Halloween is just marking time until Thanksgiving, perhaps my favorite holiday. There's cooking involved, lots and lots of cooking, but no stress about buying presents to go along with it. And you get a break from school just in time for the home stretch of the semester. And Thanksgiving always works, in my experience, whether you're at home with loads of family, sharing it with your closest friends, or making dinner for just the two of you. All in all, a fabulously timed and well-conceived event all around.

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