Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Every breath you take

typing while nursing is very precarious, so we'll see how long this lasts.

the husband has a stalker. apparently, one of his nighttime employees has been unnecessarily interested in Jacob's birth, largely, we hope, because he was working the night we came in. (baby just lost boob--hold on....) We knew already that this guy had shown up to our room late in the night after we had the baby. He came in and introduced himself to me and I assumed he was a doc because who else is coming to your room in the middle of the night, right? The husband woke up midway through the intro and told me who the guy was but I was too drugged to thunk it odd at the time, though I did think "I thought the husband specifically told people not to visit?" before nodding off again.

Well, when he returned to work, the husband found out this guy had made copies of Jacob's medication orders and put the copies in the husband's box. Umm, fine, but if we wanted these, we could have gotten them ourselves because, to review, the husband has the same access as this guy. (And why would we want them, anyway? I felt the same way when a nurse handed me the little blue-stained plastic clip that came off Jacob's umbilical cord stump, "because parents like to save these." They do? Why on earth? I guess once again I am not appropriately sentimental!)

And then the big, most stalker-esque revelation. It appears that while I was pushing, this guy was at the nurses' station watching my monitor, which has, as many of you know, both my heartbeat and the baby's. So, he tells the husband, he was watching and asking the nurse questions and all of the the sudden the baby's heartbeat disappeared. Alarmed, he asked what had happened, and the nurse said the baby had been born. So, he says to the husband, "in a way, it was like I was present at your child's birth."

Umm, no, no it was not at all like that, dude. Not that there weren't a million people actually present, but you were certainly not one of them. As the husband noted when he told me this unsettling tale, we are not friends. Nor will we become so, after this behavior. Sheesh!

okay, no longer nursing. He raced through the supplementary bottle, and now Jacob is trying out his bouncy chair. So far, he's calm but noisy, so we will see how long he stays. He should be sleepy after all that eating, but, as usual, someone forgot to send him the memo regarding usual baby behavior. So, instead, he is growling and fighting yawns and trying to keep his eyes open. If he's really lucky, he will squirm himself into (yet another) case of the hiccups. Something to look forward to, folks!

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Kenny, Linsey and Caleb said...

Nice job with the pictures, I knew you could do it. Now, in all your spare time, keep 'em coming.