Thursday, January 31, 2008

Held down by who I used to be

2 week check-up update: Jacob has gained lots of weight, coming in now at 9 pounds 3 ounces. (Apparently the goal is to regain the birth weight by the two week mark. Jacob has shattered that paltry goal. Gifted child.) Sadly, he appears to have a blocked tear duct and a slight eye infection as a result, so antibiotic cream for the two-week old. Start getting him ready for the super bug early, right? So the upshot of all this is we are going to continue with the breastfeeding/bottle feeding regime and try the lactation drugs to see if we can up production as we will certainly need more for him if he keeps growing at this rate. I'm just relieved that he continues to be healthy and our nutrition strategy is working.

And I have to say I love my pediatrician. It was serendipitous that we got placed with her in the first place, and she is turning out to be great: calm, responsive, encouraging, thoughtful. Love that! She has at least 3 kids of her own and is understanding about all things baby. She says things like "don't worry if the baby is grunting a lot as if he is constipated when he's clearly not. some babies make SUCH a big deal out of things!" I like a little levity with my baby's physical exams, you know what I mean?

now, if I could just get some more sleep...

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