Saturday, February 02, 2008

The words repeat

So, as you may have been able to tell, vis a vis what I've been blogging, I haven't been doing a whole lot else besides care for Jacob lately. But we have been watching a few DVDs, and I have caught a little TV (though not much, given that we now get 9 channels when all is functioning correctly and three of those are versions of PBS), but mostly I have been nursing, feeding, sleeping, and, most of all, being awake. We did take an exciting trip to acupuncture yesterday, where the munchkin ended up on the table with me after completely eschewing his perfectly timed nap in his car seat, only to fall asleep beside me, so we acupuntured around him, which actually worked relatively well, thank goodness.

But, to return to my former pursuits briefly, the quick takes on what we have seen and done that is not 100% baby:

Friday Night Lights: one of few shows to still have episodes left, and they are all fabulous, though I am not buying Logan from Gilmore Girls as a youth minister, no matter how uncool a haircut he has now. Matt Saracen, the quarterback, is looking positively gaunt lately, making his emotional breakdown that much more believable. While my mother was here, I asked if she watched this show and she said "it's like watching home movies," which I at first took as an astute commentary on the hand-held camera, cinema verite style of the show, but then I realized, as she kept talking, that, having grown up in Texas, she actually meant it was like watching home movies about her own adolescence in a football-obsessed small town, which I think is actually an equally astute commentary on the show's realism, which I have always maintained is its strongest attribute (Landry and Tyra story line about accidentally killing a rapist notwithstanding. Let's just forget that ever happened, okay?)

The Queen: Helen Mirren rocks. Everyone knows this, but her performance here was fabulous. As was that of the guy who played Tony Blair, making me miss him even more. Ah, the youthful panache, the idealism, the dining table diplomacy. So sad to see it go.

Ghost Rider: Will someone please tell Nicholas Cage that he is not an action hero? 'Cause he clearly believes he is. This movie can't earn the title of worst movie ever, but it comes pretty dang close.

The Riches: I only caught a few episodes the first time it aired, so now I am retracing my steps via the season one DVD. And it continues to be quirkily brilliant. Eddie Izzard is restrained in a way that subtly underscores his character's longing to "be somebody" and Minnie Driver is doing some of her most layered work as the gypsy reluctantly turned suburban mom/not-so-recovering drug-addicted parolee. I still don't like the oldest son very much but hey, one small criticism is not bad. It's campy fun, ya'll!

Celebrity Apprentice: Yes, "celebrity" is very, VERY loosely defined here. Yes, the Brit will most likely win. Yes, Omorosa is incredibly annoying. Yes, the women lost a staggering four in a row. And yes, the Donald is just as unctuous as ever. But there is something oddly compelling about this ode to lost limelight. I can't yet put my finger on what that compelling element is just yet, but I continue to watch and continue to be fascinated. (and is it just me, or is Ivanka getting more and more attractive each season? What is that girl eating??)

okay, gotta take a shower and the nap now that Jacob has nodded off. I am the fastest blogger in the world!!!

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