Sunday, February 03, 2008

Tell me what's that noise

It's 3:22 am, and the baby can't sleep. There's no real reason for his inability to shut down, except possibly a little congestion. But really, the hours between 2 and 4 am are waking hours for him, 9 times out of 10. So I type one-handed, waiting for him to wear himself out. He will, eventually, it's just a matter of my staying awake until then. Hence, late-night blogging.

The husband took the late night feedings last night, and it's utterly amazing what 7 hours in a bed in a room away from the baby can do for you! I was downright perky yesterday, a state I hardly remember! In fact, that sleep is largely the reason I can be so calm about Jacob's utter wakefulness now. If we can manage to do this switch once a week on the weekends, I may just manage to make it through these first few months!

Okay, 4 am has rolled around and he's out. It's off to the guest bed for us both. Wish us good luck and more sleep!

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leslie coppin said...

don't you hate typing one handed? I find myself doing it too often and I don't have a tiny baby, just Indiana at 1 year or asher at 3 forcing me to do it. He especially likes to climb on me while I'm on the computer and ask for all sorts of things and won't leave me alone until I actually get up and serve my little master.
btw, I love reading your blog. youre so good at writing and totally honest. it's great!!!