Wednesday, July 02, 2008

One, two, three, four

Well, we've made it to UT unscathed. J was a trooper on the flight, sleeping a lot and only screaming a few times, mostly in frustration at not getting his food fast enough, which is understandable. And it's been fun so far here at the homestead, where there are lots of babies with lots of different temperments around. J is the worst sleeper of the bunch and that coupled with the time change meant he was up for good at 4am this morning. But he did go right to sleep last night without a whimper, which was nice, so I can't complain...much. We're all going to play around for a few more days, get our new baby grandchildren pictures taken, splash in a blow-up pool (because, DANG, it's hot here!), eat hot dogs for the 4th of July, and generally enjoy ourselves for a few days until J and I leave for points north to see the other half of the family and then for points east to see the husband and the daddy.

Pictures to follow apace!

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GermPharm said...

The Husband misses the rest of the clan. I'm being distracted by those around me who are nice enough to keep me busy.