Friday, August 22, 2008

Early to bed, early to rise

I have no more words left to describe how awful my latest interactions with AT&T. It was awful. They hung up on me. I yelled. It wasn't pretty.

But it's all over now; the internet is safely restored; and I am back posting regular updates on my fabulous life. Or something.

So, what's happened in the interim? Well, we began co-teaching seminary (early morning Bible study) to 6 teenage boys. And it's actually been great. These boys' parents were worried about them being all together, but I was pretty sure the earliness of the hour would put a damper on any potential hormonal hi-jinx, and, so far, I've been right. They are chatty and trying to be funny most of the time, of course, but that's a function of their age and nothing that's any different from the sorts of things their 18 year old counterparts would do in my college classes. Actually, in my (admittedly limited) experience once boys hit about 14 there seems to be a long time where they stay pretty much the same, until 18 or 19, when there is this big surge of developing maturity that lasts another several years. And having the husband as a co-teacher is great, because all the boys think he's funny and cool (though he begs to differ), and he can be the hammer when necessary.

Out system involves trading off teaching and watching J who attends class as long as he can avoid being too disruptive, at which point he is whisked away by whomever is responsible for him that day. Watching J also involves getting him up, changed, and fed breakfast before class while that day's teacher finishes last minute prep. We're covering the New Testament this year, which will be fun, though the synoptic gospels pose a challenge since they repeat themselves and we are to cover the material in the order presented in the Bible rather than more chronologically. But this is a small issue, and things look good otherwise.

After seminary, we go walking (J and I and the stroller) or running (the husband), so by the time 8am rolls around, we've eaten, taught, exercised, and put J down for a morning nap. Which also means by the time 9pm-ish rolls around, we are wasted and in bed. We should be extremely healthy, wealthy, and wise by the time this year is over!

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