Wednesday, February 10, 2010

B is for Bundle of Joy

Okay, there really isn't a second bundle of joy here yet; I'm just being hopeful. But, as everyone knows, there are lots of preparations that go into welcoming baby boy #2 into the house. In our case, we are slowly converting our former nursery and guest bedroom into a new toddler room and a second nursery. The grand plan requires lots of moving and will take place over time, since Baby Boy #2 will spend the first 4-6 months in our room in the pack and play. Before he moves into his new nursery, we will have moved Toddler J into his big boy bed in his current room and moved all the nursery paraphernalia into the new nursery. This time around, I am bound and determined to decorate the nursery with a tad more cohesion but without spending too much more money. The same goes for Toddler J's room. So far for him, we've got curtains (repurposed), bedspread (new from ebay), dresser (new, on sale), bookcase (old), bed (repurposed; the queen-sized guest bed will double as his big boy bed), rug (old but never used), and some framed alphabet letters that spell his name (frames from walmart, letters on sale at amazon).

For what will be the new nursery, we've got a rocking chair (old), dresser/changing table (old), crib (old) curtains (new), vinyl wall animals (old), shelf unit (old), and modular bookcase (new, from target). There's even a color scheme: white, tan/brown and light blue! I know, can you believe it? Actual coordination! Toddler J's color scheme is looser, lots of blues and greens with some orange accents thrown in, but even still, much more coordinated than before.

Indeed, after our massive cleaning efforts, the whole house is looking more pulled together and decorated. I still haven't managed to put anything up on the walls yet, but I feel like my house is so cluttered, white walls are sort of a must so I have some semblance of mental serenity, you know?

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