Tuesday, February 09, 2010

A is for Attachment

Today there are 26 days left until my due date, according to my handy dandy ticker. So I am going to share the ABCs of our lives every day between now and then, hoping against hope that I will get to G or something and then have to say "H is for HAD THE BABY!" No, not going to happen, you think? Me either! Sigh....

Anywho, A is for Attachment.

Lately around here, some of us have become very obviously attached to various items. It all started around Christmastime. Somehow during our trip west, Toddler J became obsessively attached to his pacifiers, binks as we call them, "deets" as he calls them. Always before, he used one gladly, always at nap time and to go to sleep at night, but during the day you could take it away and he would never miss it. Until we started traveling. Then, suddenly, all at once, he not only needed to have one in his mouth at all times, he really preferred to be carrying at least one other bink as well. If you wanted him to be really happy, pray that you had one for each hand. The upshots of this change are many: one, we lose/have lost a LOT of binks, because when he gets interested in something else, he doesn't hesitate to drop those in his hand or mouth and move on, but WOE BETIDE you if you haven't found them again by the time he feels their lack. Two, we have gotten a LOT more new binks, to prevent all this from happening. Three, we are shelving our previous plan to wean him from the pacifiers before the new baby arrives, with our pediatrician's blessing, by the way. She feels, as do we, that given the current state of affairs, it's just not worth the battle and the potential risk of him stealing from the new child, so we are just going to wait until summer.
In the grand scheme of things, I think pacifiers are not that horrible of a comfort item. They are easily replaced, washable, cheap, and available in most stores, after all. The same cannot be said for particular blankets or certain stuffed animals or toys, most of which he has shown little interest in latching onto. So there we are, the bink brigade for the time being.

The husband's latest attachment is some new tech, of course. Mine is, or should I say continues to be blogs and blogging. We both get very put out when we can exercise our rights to these comfort items, much like Toddler J. It's a family affair, people!

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