Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Boys in brief

J sentences for the week: In his bed--"Me upside down. How me get that way, Mommy?" After dessert--"Me all full. Me eat two ice cream cones." After eating Target popcorn--"Lots of popcorn a me. Me all full up." While watching Mickey Mouse run to catch someone--"Paster, Mickey, paster! Go really past!" In the car going around an off-ramp--"Hold on, E! Mommy go around past!" Daily--"Change my poopy diaper, Mommy. This a yucky poopy diaper." While sitting on the bed chatting with his brother--"Holding E's hand. E touching my leg. How you did that, E? E such a good boy. E nice boy. Big hugs for E." Endearingly, to his grandma--"Not stay forever!" This last is evidence of J's TERRIBLE bout of the terrible twos, which he has conveniently demonstrated for all his grandparents but one in the last two weeks. He withholds affection, disobeys, throws tantrums, and generally make the grandparents happy they live elsewhere. Nice, huh? I LOVE this behavior. But at the same time that he is a pill with others, J affectionate in the extreme with Baby E, which counts for (a very little) something. Finally, J is the master of seeing what others do not: he sees turtles in the shapes of water spots under the car and notices that a piece of watermelon is shaped like a train engine.

E antics for the week: E now laughs, a lot. He is especially fond of times when you put lotion on his cheeks. He has also settled into a somewhat normal routine, eating twice per night but often going 5 or 6 or 7 hours between feedings in the late night. He has also been mostly cured of waking up at 3 or 4 am regardless of hunger, which is nice. E loves to eat and still struggles to go more than 3 hours between most feedings. His roly-poly body reflects this love of food. E is also a very content child. After eating (and burping right on cue), he will sit and smile and gurgle and coo very determinedly at you until it's time to sleep, then cry a little and go to bed (preferably on his tummy, shhhh!), then wake up and make a distinctive "Wah!" sound until someone feeds him. He had a tendency to look/droop to the right, so we are working on forcing him to look left so he doesn't stick with that forever. He is a BIG boy, like his brother, straining in his 6 month sleepers already. Thank goodness for rompers, the outfit of choice for the thick of thighs!

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